The Wizard of Us

Mar 8, 2018

Current events in the US has me thinking often about the Wizard of Oz: the pertinent question of the film is not how a second-rate, mediocre conman managed to land in Oz and convince the people of Oz that he was a great wizard. The formula is simple and has been used by many dictators and leaders who have manipulated power: First, use a lot of pomp and circumstance and plenty of...

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Take care of this house

Sep 24, 2017

This past Friday evening, I went to the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for a tribute to Leonard Bernstein. It was a full evening of beautiful, moving selections from various musicals showing Bernstein’s eclectic musical talents, passion for optimism and love amidst the darkness of our times, as well as a true commitment to address issues of injustice and oppression. Walking on...

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The Middle

May 16, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve written. While increasing my coaching practice and presenting my work at various organizations, I’ve used the last few months for reflection and deepening of practice. I search for deeper ways to stay in my heart as challenging world events unfold. If there ever was a time to enhance our skills in the 4 Pillars of True Power, it...

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A Pro-Life Movement I Would Support (revised)

Aug 7, 2015

I would love to join a pro-life movement! I can’t think of anything better to put my energy into. The pro-life movement I would support would take on the following tasks. To get all governments to: Create and enforce an international ban on the death penalty. Place an international tax of at least 75% on the profits of all weapon-making companies, as well as establish a yearly...

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The World Cup and Equanimity

Jun 28, 2014

I have to admit it. I’m caught up with the World Cup fever. I’m rooting for Holland of course, and pleasantly surprised that USA has advanced to the Round of 16. And while I’m enjoying the games, I’m also observing how easy it is for me, and everyone around me, to fall into the deep, deep habit of “taking sides” and needing to win. We can’t...

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Saying No to the Powerful force of Polarization

Nov 10, 2012

The elections here in America are now over. What a relief. It was an amazing study for me to see just how polarized we all can get. When we hold on so stubbornly to a need to be “right!”, then we are unable to hear the truth of another and maybe realize that what we are saying is not that far from the other. When we are determined to see one another from a statistic or...

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