The World Cup and Equanimity

Jun 28, 2014

I have to admit it. I’m caught up with the World Cup fever. I’m rooting for Holland of course, and pleasantly surprised that USA has advanced to the Round of 16. And while I’m enjoying the games, I’m also observing how easy it is for me, and everyone around me, to fall into the deep, deep habit of “taking sides” and needing to win. We can’t...

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Antoinette Tuff – a true Respectful Confront...

Aug 25, 2013

I am moved by the story of a true hero of our time – Antoinette Tuff. On August 20, 2013, a disturbed young man walked into a Georgia elementary school with large amounts of firearms intent on harming the 900+ students and teachers. Ms. Tuff, bookkeeper at the school, managed to talk to the heavily-armed man and get him to surrender without anyone being harmed. With the amount of...

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Aug 12, 2012

After more than seven months of living in DC, I’m ready to talk about my amazement at how the people in DC generally don’t connect with one another. For instance, recently, while I was washing my clothes in the laundry room of my building, a woman came in; I looked up and said hello and she looked away and proceeded to do her laundry without any acknowledgement that I was...

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The Four Pillars of True Power

Jun 14, 2012

Many of us spend a lot of our time developing our physical strength. We are inspired to work out, to build a strong, athletic body—but is being physically strong the only sign of our true personal power? Many of us push forward in our professional lives, creating an imbalance with the number of hours we work and what we do with our free time. Then there are those of us who still...

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Getting grounded in a city built on a swamp

May 9, 2012

It’s been four months now since I arrived in DC. As I find my way around, I’m aware of how different this city is to anything I’ve experienced before. I’m used to the in-your-face exhuberance of New York, the coziness of Amsterdam and the relaxed, all-is-well attitude of California. I not sure yet what message I’m getting from my new city. I’m not sure the inhabitants...

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Harnessing the Power of Peace

Apr 19, 2012

Originally posted at Feathered Pipe Foundation. I am excited about the retreat that I am developing with Christian de la Huerta, Karen Chrappa and the staff of Feathered Pipe Ranch –Waking the Open-hearted Warrior: Empowerment Camp, June 16 – 22. I feel this work captures the spirit of our times and will provide an arena for us to open to skills and powers urgently needed...

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