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PORTLAND, OR: 2-day Co-training – Reframing Power and Inclusivity in the 21st Century

November 12, 2016
November 13, 2016
Pearl West
1455 NW Irving St Suite 200, Portland, OR, United States, 97209
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More than 3 weeks before the workshop (100% refund, minus $50 admin fee)
Less than 3 weeks before the workshop (100% credit for future workshops, minus $25 admin fee)
Less than 48 hours before the workshop (no refund)
Event Details

November 12 – 13, 2016
Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday: 9 am – 2 pm
Prices: Saturday Only $195, Full Experience $275

Reframing Power and Inclusivity in the 21st Century: A Meeting of Minds and Hearts is a two-part weekend workshop that brings together Joe Weston’s, Respectful Confrontation and Juanita Range’s, Together We Stand.

The two facilitators offer their views on power dynamics, communication and inner and outer peace to create a powerful, engaging experience for participants that has benefit personally, professionally, as well as for our society.

Saturday, November 12: 9 am – 6 pm

This training offers a number of tools for tackling challenging situations with integrity and clarity leading to improved effectiveness and influence at work and at home, mindful communication, deepening of relationships and collaborations, and resolution of misunderstandings and increased trust.

This training will also shift and reframe views on confrontation, assertiveness, and true power leading to greater self-confidence and peaceful interactions with others. The combination of theory, dynamic exercises, martial arts principles and applicable life tools result in a noticeable shift in behavior and deeper insight into yourself.

Sunday, November 13: 9 am – 2 pm

This workshop applies a No Shame No Blame approach to examining how we interact with self and others, taking a deeper look at inclusivity dynamics pertinent to our times, and how to become more empowered, and to empower others.

Participants are safely guided through human exploration with deeper thought and honest self-examination to uncover enlightening perspectives, and to increase skills to intentionally engage with and navigate prickly, real-life challenges that face us from day to day.

This session ends with bringing the principles of both approaches together to find new and productive ways to address both personal and societal issues.

Heart and mind dynamics are real! They impact us personally and professionally, in relationships and performance. Reframing Power and Inclusivity in the 21st Century empowers participants to unite current realities and demands, and create forward movement in both.


9fc6cc_25f435bd6c834df59b3fc40d8358db9aJuanita Range, Range Mediation & Consulting, Presents: Together We
Stand, Making Discoveries and Applying Compassionate Solutions for Human Issues, Race and Unconscious Bias

Juanita Range is a mediator, facilitator, and coach. She coaches relationships, not romantic relationships, but human/life relationships. Her work supports clients to discover, strengthen, release, and connect life components that impact how we show up in the world.

Juanita is skilled in conflict management, change and innovation management, leadership development, and management/supervisory development.  She is currently a student of Portland State University’s Urban Honors program where she is increasing depth and breadth of knowledge gained as a seasoned professional through academic mastery in areas of Communication, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Sociology. Juanita also provides volunteer service to Multnomah County District Court Small Claims Mediation program, and previously volunteered her mediation and negotiation skills to the pilot of Clackamas County Small Claim Court program.

Her more than 20 years experience in business relations, consultative sales, interpersonal communication, and interest based negotiations cultivated the foundation for her current work and projects. Her focus on solutions allowed her to successfully manage small and large territories of up to 13 states, successfully master multi-million dollar individual and team goals, and most importantly to build cohesion and positive synergy within team environments.

Juanita’s philosophy is that one way or another, everything in life is in relationship. She focuses primarily on three powerful human behaviors and dynamics; communication, conflict, and creativity. She shares how these human behaviors are also potent tools for empowerment and block removal. She frames her work around these philosophies along with her understanding that as humans we are intricate beings, and when we learn to balance these intricacies, we excel. Juanita’s focus on shared human relationships allows her to attend to sensitive topics like race and unconscious bias with compassion, kindness, and understanding. She approaches this work with a No Shame – No Blame approach and invites participants to “go a little deeper”.

Juanita supports individuals, couples, and organizations to find and remove blocks and attain alignment and balance between intentions and outcomes.