Blog: Preparing for a 21st century LASTING peace movement – #2, Occupy Ur Heart!

Nov 1, 2011

With this blog, I will offer tips, practices, provocative contemplations, and new perspectives to address the fear, confusion, cynicism, isolation and disempowerment that seem to cripple many of the individuals and institutions that value cooperation, diversity, peace, economic balance and integrity, environmental health and care for the poor and the under-privileged.

It is possible for each of us to develop the skills and courage to make a significant peaceful impact on ourselves, those around us and on society. It is possible to open to new solutions to our current problems. It is my intention to empower and encourage the creative social activist, the peaceful renegade, the openhearted warrior and those ready to join me play a part in the unfolding of our global evolution.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but if you are interested and intrigued, stay engaged, and let’s explore this together!

I have been meditating with others at Occupy Oakland at noon as a way to bring some stillness and peace to the movement that keeps building.

On Wednesday, November 2, the Occupy-ers are calling for a general strike. I feel it will be a very exciting and memorable day. Many unions have already agreed to strike. I also think the energies and passions will be high and possibly erratic.

So, I am organizing a 12-hour meditation at the corner of Broadway and 14th Street at Frank Ogawa Plaza (Oscar Grant Plaza), from 8 am – 8 pm. My intention is to hold a space of stillness, peace and respect during this time. I will be joined by members of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and East Bay Meditation Center. All groups and faiths are welcome!

In alignment with my path of the Heartwalker and Respectful Confrontation, I’m calling it “Occupy Ur Heart”

I am very inspired by what is unfolding. This movement is helping break through the apathy and inertia, the confusion and cynicism, the fear and paralysis of those who know that things have gotten out of hand. I don’t think anarchy and revolution are the way to have a lasting positive effect. We have seen in history how that has only created temporary relief.

I believe that we are at the threshold of new possibilities, where we can sit down and confront – speak our truth, hear the truth of others and TOGETHER come up with new evolved solutions. These solutions can only come when both sides – the rich and the poor, the CEO and the public school teacher  – can find a way to collaborate and be creative.

We don’t need a REVOLUTION, we need an EVOLUTION!!! Let’s learn the skills of Respectful Confrontation and make this global shift happen.

If you are in the area, please come down and join us, even for a few minutes. AND PLEASE, PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO YOUR LISTS!!! The more people who can bring a spiritual component to this day, the better. Bring a cushion or something to sit on. We will be sitting on concrete.

Thanks for your help, and may the efforts of this project bring about peaceful, creative, collaborative, new solutions to our current challenges!

From the heart,

Joe Weston

P.S. The “Liberation Yoga” group I am connected to will be leading a yoga class on Wednesday and every day at 8 am and 5 pm as well!

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