Saying No to the Powerful force of Polarization

Nov 10, 2012

The elections here in America are now over. What a relief.

It was an amazing study for me to see just how polarized we all can get. When we hold on so stubbornly to a need to be “right!”, then we are unable to hear the truth of another and maybe realize that what we are saying is not that far from the other. When we are determined to see one another from a statistic or demographic, we can’t see that in the end we all want the same thing. And the biggest lesson is that if we obsess on and only trust polls, we lose touch with reality!

As you know, it is my intention with my Respectful Confrontation views to do my best to hold a view in the middle; to not get sucked into the powerful force of polarization.

I have to tell you, it was REALLY hard to do!

I tried to keep my heart open to both parties. However, while I did my best to respect and honor the views of one particular party, I did have leanings towards the party that I believe most explicitly expressed a desire to bring about respect, dignity, opportunity and equality for ALL.

Anyway, this election cycle has affirmed my commitment to share the RC practices as a way to bridge the gaps between us. We have a lot of work to do, and now is the time.

I hope you join me in sharing this work with friends, family, work colleagues and your community and see if we can create the circumstances for opening to new solutions.

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