“I’ve been doing workshops like these for years, but after this one, I finally get
what real connection is! I felt safe to move through many of my walls. I got to feel
it in my body.”
Tom G.

“I now see that there are many different ways to confront, and I now feel
confident to assert myself in ways I found terrifying in the past.”
Pauline M.

“I rediscovered a part of myself that I seemed to have lost – that part of me that
was happy!”
Diane M.

“Since the workshop my ability to delegate has quadrupled. I’m also more
confident with negotiating.”
James G.

“I am more aware of how much effort I put in to meeting otherʼs needs and
detaching from my own. I now ask my loved ones to help me break this old habit.
I think I have made some progress.”
Ken B.

“I now realize that I can live life my way. I have been avoiding experience and
feeling and I have to encounter more.”
Erik O.

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