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Helena, Montana: Co-facilitated week-long retreat

June 16, 2012 4:00 pm
June 20, 2012 4:00 pm
Feathered Pipe Ranch
Helena, MT, United States
Refund Policy
More than 3 weeks before the workshop (100% refund, minus $50 admin fee)
Less than 3 weeks before the workshop (100% credit for future workshops, minus $25 admin fee)
Less than 48 hours before the workshop (no refund)
Event Details

Waking the Openhearted Warrior: Empowerment Camp
With Christian de la Huerta & Joe Weston
Feathered Pipe Ranch Retreat Center
June 16 – 22, 2012
$795 (Register and pay in full before January 1, save 10%)

Register at http://featheredpipe.com/waking-the-peaceful-warrior-empowerment-camp/

We are at a unique place in our human history—a time when, in the midst of dramatic global upheaval and change, many are being compelled from within and urged by the “news on the street” to define what they hold true, standing without retreat. These times require nothing less than a spiritual revolution: a shift in relationship to power and an unwavering commitment to maintaining an open heart regardless of the  circumstances.  Now, more than ever, we need to acquire the skill to look within and listen attentively for guidance, fortifying ourselves to face the challenges we presently face within our own lives, society and world.

Join Christian and Joe in the sanctuary of the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Discover solidarity with others and nurture your capacity to keep an open heart in the midst of confrontation and the shared search for resolution. This empowerment camp will catalyze you to step more deeply into your power, use it wisely, and move from your heart in an embodied, creative and dynamic way.  It is a full-bodied immersion into exploring what it takes to stand in your power, speak in truth and stay connected.

Through a combination of theory, interactive exercises, basic martial arts principles and applicable life tools of the “Open-Hearted Warrior,” Joe will impart his wisdom and first-hand experience in mastering respectful confrontation. He will teach you how to work with your body and energy to increase your ability to maintain an open heart greeting life and its challenges with compassion and steadfast resolve. By practice and attuning to the heart, we realize that the only strategy for true success is one in which all people’s needs are felt, understood and given voice.

Christian’s profound knowledge of spirit and the transformational power of the breath and meditation will be employed to enable you to view and experience your life, being, and relation to other in undistorted and empowered form. New-found clarity will be revealed about your relation to self, spirit and life itself, transforming blocked and malformed energy into truly effective impetus for change. Timed to coincide with the new moon and the Summer Solstice, ceremony and ritual will be woven in to mark your passage and full embodiment, including a journey to the shaman’s cave in the oldest once-inhabited cave system in North America.